Giselle Pacheco

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I am currently working at BetterCloud in Atlanta, GA

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About Me

Going into college I wanted to combine my love for music with my love for technology. Unfortunately, I didn't get into the school I believed would expose to me to the best of both worlds but that was ok because I still had a path I wanted to follow which was Computer Science.

My first year at Florida International University (FIU) was the first time I wrote a line of code, at FIU we were taught Java. I would be lying if I said I didn't struggle. I failed what was considered some major classes; for loops and array lists were a challenge. I dont remember how or when but at some point all the concepts just started clicking, and I felt like I just had climbed the tallest mountain. At this point I felt confident in my abilities, and wanted to help other students understand the concepts I once struggled with. I decided to become a tutor for students who were just starting out and that was very rewarding. While tutoring college students I was given the opportunity to tutor high school students that were taking the AP Computer Science Exam through Google Rise in partnership with Georgia Tech.

After all the struggle and then tutoring I gained confidence in myself and the semester before last I set out to accomplish three things: internship, run a 5k, and graduate with a full time offer. Spring of 2016 I got an internship offer from The Home Depot, while interning there I got exposed to different technologies and practices such as: javascript, Test Driven Development, and cloud foundry. During my internship I started getting ready to run a 5k, I kept a mental fortitude while running uphill and at the end of every run completed I gave myself a pat on the back. At the end of the summer I received a full time offer, and when I arrived home I got on a schedule of running three times a week and I ran my first 5k on thanksgiving of that year.